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What are the classifications of water purifiers?


Water purifiers can be divided into two categories based on pipeline design level: gradually tightening water purifiers and self-cleaning water purifiers. The traditional water purifier is a gradually tightening type water purifier, whose internal pipeline design has a loose filter element in front and a tight filter element in the back. It is composed of PP melt blown filter element, particulate carbon, compressed carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, and rear activated carbon. Generally, these five stages are connected in sequence from head to tail.

The retained material deposits inside the filter element and requires regular manual disassembly and cleaning to ensure the normal operation of the machine. The other type is a more advanced self-cleaning water purifier, which is designed with two channels inside the machine and an additional washing water channel. When washing water, which is used as ordinary domestic water, passes through the channel, it washes the original water side of the filter element, especially the membrane filter element, to achieve self-cleaning. It uses the moment of opening and closing the washing faucet, that is, the water that already flows from the head and tail sections, to timely and quickly discharge the intercepted dirt. This structure is designed reasonably, Eliminating the hassle of manual disassembly and cleaning, eliminating the need for re contamination by the organization itself, while also reducing energy consumption costs.

However, consumers should pay attention to recognition that self-cleaning water purifiers are different from automatic sewage water purifiers, computer automatic flushing water purifiers, and automatic backwashing water purifiers seen on the market. The former is a complete machine self-cleaning, which means that it has a certain self-cleaning function for all filter elements inside the machine; The latter only rinses one of the filter elements instead of the entire machine. Simply put, a self-cleaning water purifier is equivalent to installing a garbage disposer on the pipeline, allowing dirt to be removed at any time without staying inside the machine. However, traditional non self-cleaning water purifiers are equivalent to placing multiple trash cans in the room, and the dirt is usually temporarily stored in the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly drain, dismantle and wash, and frequently replace the filter element.

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